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Kingdom Intelligence Briefing

Welcome to the Kingdom Intelligence Briefing Podcast.  KIB’s purpose is to provide an intelligence briefing for the Body of Messiah that will inform and empower the Remnant in the Last Days.

May 20, 2024

KIB 437 – Judgment and the Remnant

Kingdom Intelligence Briefing


We are living in days in which sin is glorified, and life is no longer sacred.  Truth has been lost in the onslaught of carnal agendas and political propaganda.  While the lines are being blurred between the judgment of God and the wrath of...

Apr 9, 2024

KIB 434 – Beyond the Eclipse:  Covenant of Friendship with God

Kingdom Intelligence Briefing


We need to see beyond the eclipse into a deeper covenantal relationship with God:  a covenant of friendship.  The Remnant of God are called to become friends of God, who place His purposes and plans over their desires.  We...

Apr 2, 2024

KIB 433 – Eclipse, Rockets, CERN, Thelema, and the Book of Joel

Kingdom Intelligence Briefing


There is an occult convergence approaching:  the eclipse on April 8, NASA rockets, CERN, and the followers of Thelema (Alister Crowley).  Are we living in the time of Joel and Rev. 9 or a prophetic temporal echo.  The book...

Mar 26, 2024

KIB 432 – Making a Stand for the Kingdom

Kingdom Intelligence Briefing


Almighty God has called us to stand for the Kingdom in our day.  What does the Word tell us to do, and how does this look in real life?  The Kingdom Warrior must be Word-centered, motivated by love for God and others, and refuse to compromise...

Mar 19, 2024

KIB 431 – God Grieves Before Judgment

Kingdom Intelligence Briefing


We are living in a time similar to Isaiah and Jeremiah.  God has called for nations to return to His ways, yet they refuse.  America is at the crossroads.  Will it be a Josiah generation or one led into captivity because of rebellion?  The Remnant...