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Kingdom Intelligence Briefing

Welcome to the Kingdom Intelligence Briefing Podcast.  KIB’s purpose is to provide an intelligence briefing for the Body of Messiah that will inform and empower the Remnant in the Last Days.

Feb 26, 2019

KIB 202 – It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad World

Kingdom Intelligence Briefing


The Word of God reveals three types of madness that we can find in the world:  madness that comes with sin (Eccl 9:3), madness caused by a religious spirit (Luke 6:11), and madness caused by disobedience to God (Deut 28:34).  As the Iniquity...

Feb 19, 2019

KIB 201 – Steadfastness vs. Stubbornness:  The Coming Holy Spirit-Empowered Attitudinal Adjustment

Kingdom Intelligence Briefing


The Word of God has much to say about stubbornness and steadfastness.  Stubbornness is a rebellion against God, while steadfastness is faithfulness to God.  There is a clarion call from...

Feb 18, 2019

The Shepherd’s Staff and Spiritual Warfare – Part 2
Understanding the Kingdom Series
Biblical Life TV | UTK60B
There is a mystery of two shepherd’s staffs within the Word of God:  Adam’s Staff and the Staff of the Second Adam - Jesus.  In this lesson, Dr. Michael Lake reveals how Jesus transformed the First...

Feb 14, 2019

KWR 005 Becoming Warriors in the Kingdom

Kingdom War Room


Mystery Babylon has been busy with the past few generations.  Through a witch’s brew of hormone disruptors, social engineering, emotions-based mind control techniques, and political correctness, the Luciferian Elite has emasculated male headship and taken...

Feb 13, 2019

KIB 200 – The Wisdom of Titus

Kingdom Intelligence Briefing


The Epistle of Titus has a great deal of wisdom to share with the Remnant today.  From a balanced approach to understanding our Hebraic heritage to an appeal to avoid vain arguments, the text speaks volumes to the Twenty-First Century Church.  God...