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Kingdom Intelligence Briefing

Welcome to the Kingdom Intelligence Briefing Podcast.  KIB’s purpose is to provide an intelligence briefing for the Body of Messiah that will inform and empower the Remnant in the Last Days.

Dec 14, 2016

KIB 111 - Combatting the Spirit of Antiochus, Hellenism, & Globalism
Kingdom Intelligence Briefing

At the beginning of this episode, the Lakes cover many topics from the headlines today, from the claim of Russian hacking to the resisting of Globalism in the western world and bring clarity to these situations from a...

Dec 7, 2016

KIB 110 - The Maccabees’ Anointing
Kingdom Intelligence Briefing

In the second of a series of three podcasts on the Feast of Dedication, Dr. Lake and Mary discuss what events were taking place during the time of the Maccabees.  They compare some of the same challenges that were faced in that day with our...