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Kingdom Intelligence Briefing

Welcome to the Kingdom Intelligence Briefing Podcast.  KIB’s purpose is to provide an intelligence briefing for the Body of Messiah that will inform and empower the Remnant in the Last Days.

Sep 9, 2015

KIB  54 (M&M Edition) - False Prophets and Spot Judgment



It seems that the term "false prophet" is being thrown around social media these days toward anyone that disagrees with another believer.  Yet few have take then time to investigate how the Word of God defines a false prophet (teacher or apostle for that matter).  Have you ever wondered when Jesus said that we would know false prophets by their fruits, He never defined what that fruit was?  It had already been defined by Moses in the Torah!  His first century audience knew exactly what He was talking about.  After this podcast, you will too.  Dr. Michael and Mary Lake also discuss the need for spot judgment in our day for the sake of the Remnant.

Thom and Teresa
over eight years ago

Thank you for being a voice of reason and addressing this issue of Torah not being done away and nor what Jesus' atoning death saved us from. We appreciate your voices on this very much and hope that Dr. Lake does write a book on the topic.